In the early 16th Century, Chateau Mivoisin was built under the direction of Gaspard de Coligny, father of the famous Protestant Admiral Henry IV, who died at the massacre of St Bartholomew, and the Chateau continues to form the focal point on the Estate.

The Chateau changed hands several times during a turbulent history punctuated by religious wars and the French Revolution. Furthermore it was sacked on a number of occasions before being restored and subsequently enlarged in the 18th and 19th Centuries.

In 1919, Mivoisin passed into the hands of the successful entrepreneur Marcel Boussac and under his enlightened period of ownership, it grew in size tenfold from around 900 acres to 9,000 acres.


Marcel Boussac, a keen sportsman, developed the sporting aspects on the Estate. The Mivoisin shoot acquired a legendary status, which has been carefully preserved to this day. This heritage together with the Farming, Forestry and maintenance of the buildings form a major part of the current management objectives of the present owners over the past three generations.